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Classified AD RATES

Location Circulation Classified Text Classified Display
Agra 238,106 ( Copies)Rs. 1415 / 25 Words Rs. 1575( / sqcm )
Aligarh 79,611 ( Copies)Rs. 629 / 25 Words Rs. 737( / sqcm )
Allahabad 160,329 ( Copies)Rs. 897 / 25 Words Rs. 1222( / sqcm )
Bareilly 192,459 ( Copies)Rs. 942 / 25 Words Rs. 979( / sqcm )
Chandigarh 157,596 ( Copies)Rs. 341 / 25 Words Rs. 737( / sqcm )
Dehradun 164,959 ( Copies)Rs. 957 / 25 Words Rs. 1575( / sqcm )
Delhi 206,433 ( Copies)Rs. 1210 / 25 Words Rs. 2121( / sqcm )
Dharamshala 73,296 ( Copies)Rs. 505 / 25 Words Rs. 737( / sqcm )
Gorakhpur 146,568 ( Copies)Rs. 645 / 25 Words Rs. 979( / sqcm )
Jalandhar 15,320 ( Copies)Rs. 560 / 25 Words Rs. 1212( / sqcm )
Jammu and Kashmir 53,413 ( Copies)Rs. 245 / 25 Words Rs. 737( / sqcm )
Kanpur 322,646 ( Copies)Rs. 1418 / 25 Words Rs. 1418( / sqcm )
Lucknow 312,499 ( Copies)Rs. 1161 / 25 Words Rs. 2222( / sqcm )
Meerut 236,392 ( Copies)Rs. 1131 / 25 Words Rs. 1212( / sqcm )
Moradabad 144,237 ( Copies)Rs. 957 / 25 Words Rs. 858( / sqcm )
Nainital 92,643 ( Copies)Rs. 711 / 25 Words Rs. 858( / sqcm )
Rohtak 104,233 ( Copies)Rs. 419 / 25 Words Rs. 1717( / sqcm )
Shimla 10,000 ( Copies)Rs. 812 / 25 Words Rs. 313( / sqcm )
Varanasi 280,407 ( Copies)Rs. 842 / 25 Words Rs. 1222( / sqcm )


Frequently Asked Questions

Releasemyad always offers the lowest rates in each and every category. In the obituary advertisement the cost for Amar Ujala Agra edition will be Rs 6,240 for the ad size 8x3 (minimum). Please note the obituary ad will go under the Display section in the newspaper. You can also compose your own design, add the photograph of the deceased person in the advertisement.  Note: Supporting documents are required such as Death certificate or doctor’s note, which is obligatory for this particular category. For any other details, you can call us at 09830629298, email us at or chat with our experts.
releaseMyAd is one of the premier newspaper ad agency in Kanpur. In case you want to place a Display Recruitment ad in Amar Ujala, you can visit the releaseMyAd Kanpur page and select recruitment ads as the preferred category. There you can view rates for booking display ad in Amar Ujala and also review the rates and packages. Display ads are generally charged based on the length and width of the ad in per unit. You can also compose your own ad and make payment either through the online or offline medium to get your ad published in the selected newspaper. If you have any queries related to booking an ad or rates and offers, you can email us at or directly call us at 09830629298.
Please know that the ad which you intend to book is a Display ad and these types of ads are broad-sized adverts and are charged based on the size of the ad and position of the ad in newspaper. To review the rates for your Display advert, please visit the Display Ad Rates page of Amar Ujala. Select your preferred section of the newspaper as main edition or any of the displayed supplements. Here you will find all the locations where your newspaper is circulated. Select Dehradun as your choice of location or any other favoured locations from the Special Combination section and proceed to the next step where you can specify your ad size as half page or quarter page and as well specify the position of your ad in chosen newspaper to view the estimated cost for the same. You can compose your ad online through the next step of composing your ad or you can also upload your already composed ad online via the compose ad step. To complete your booking process, select your preferred date(s) for the ad to release and proceed to clear all your payments through the offline and online payment options. You can take the help of the Online Tutorial on How to Book to learn about the detailed process of booking an ad through our website.
Please know that only display ads can be published based on page preferences. Theses ads are charged based on the size of the advert which is measured in terms of per unit. Should you like to book your ad in Amar Ujala under Agra edition, then please visit the following page: All the ad rates are visible on this page arranged according to different editions. Simply choose the ad size and the exact price of your ad will be available. Now select the edition as Agra and proceed to the Compose Ad page where you can compose or upload your display advert. Then you can confirm the release dates and make the payments through the online or offline payment mediums.
Please know that for booking ads in any region of any part of India, you need to specify the location or city you intend to advertise in. To know the ad rates and discount packages for advertising in Amar Ujala in the Business Category, please click on the link provided here: Here you can review the ad rates for advertising in your preferred edition as per your preference or you can also choose from the combo packages that suit your requirement.  As you choose your location or package, you are directed to the Compose Ad section where you can create & design your own Business Ad. In case you want to know the ad rates for display advertising in Amar Ujala, then please visit the following link: and select the main edition to proceed. Then check mark the editions in which you intent to get your ad published and then specify the size of your ad for the cost estimate. In the Compose Ad section you can choose the ads format as B/W. Then you can proceed with the composition of your ad or upload it as per your convenience. 
While placing a display ad, please know that the ad is calculated based on per of the ad size. In order to review the Display Ad rates for Amar Ujala, Delhi edition, please visit the following link provided: and select the location as Delhi. Specify the size of the ad as 20 cm x 12 cm as well as the page preference, if any and get the exact ad cost. You can also choose the ad size as Quarter, Half or Full page to get the exact rates or availa the combo packages available as per your requirement. The ad must be booked at least 2-3 days prior to the intended release dates to ensure a timely release of the ad. You must also clear the payment for your ad at the same, through our online or offline payment mediums which are as follows: Credit/Debit Cards Net Banking NEFT (Online Wire Transfer) Cash Deposit Cash Transfer Cash Collection Demand Draft Cheque Deposits  

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How are Amar Ujala Classified ads priced?

Amar Ujala Newspaper Classified Advertising is the most cost effective way to promote your product or service and make your presence felt in the competitive market out there. Normally marketing your ad in a wide reader base can be an expensive affair but with releaseMyAd’s attractive ad rates and amazing discount packages you get the benefit of Amar Ujala Classifieds’ high circulation at the lowest imaginable expense. The pricing varies as per location, the rate card for which can be viewed if you scroll up this page. The two main kinds of Classified Ads and their cost guideline is given underneath:

  1. Classified Text:The most Ideal option for cost conscious advertisers, Text ads are simple run on line advertisements published in the classified pages of  Amar Ujala newspaper. Your ad cost is calculated on the number of words used. The base rate / minimum charge for Amar Ujala is specified for twenty five words advertisement. Should your newspaper advertisement exceed twenty five words, you will be charged as per the extra word rate. You can add enhancements to your classified ad matter with screen (border), tick & colour options at a marginal increase in price. This results in higher visibility and response for your Amar Ujala classified Ad.
  2. Classified Display: Ideal for Obituary, Recruitment, Education type advertisements in newspapers, these ads are printed on the classified pages of Amar Ujala Main Newspaper. Along with some text, they also contain images, company logos, designs etc for enhanced visibility. The tariff for these advertisements is calculated on a per square cm basis.  The minimum ad size for Amar Ujala Display classified ad is 3x5 cm. Kindly note that these Ads generally have a fixed width of 3 cm for Amar Ujala Display Classifieds.