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Amar Ujala (All Uttarakhand)Covers Dehradun & Nainital
Rs.1052/ 25 Words
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Amar Ujala (All UP Editions)
Rs.2099/ 25 Words
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Amar Ujala (All UP + Uttarakhand)
Rs.2598/ 25 Words
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Amar Ujala North Power C (Chandigarh + Jalandhar + Dharmshala +Jammu + Haryana)
Rs.1108/ 25 Words
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Amar Ujala (All Editions)
Rs.3144/ 25 Words
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Discount Packages

Amar Ujala (All Uttarakhand)Covers Dehradun & Nainital
Rs.398/ sqcm
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Amar Ujala (All UP Editions)

Rs.1997/ sqcm
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Amar Ujala (All UP + Uttarakhand)

Rs.2140/ sqcm
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Amar Ujala North Power C (Chandigarh + Jalandhar + Dharmshala +Jammu + Haryana)

Rs.697/ sqcm
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Amar Ujala (All Editions)

Rs.2466/ sqcm
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Advertisement Section Publishing Days Booking Deadline
Amar Ujala Matrimonial Sunday 4 day(s) Prior
Category : Wanted Brides, Wanted Grooms,
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Recently Asked Questions

In order to know about the charges for Matrimonial ads in Amar Ujala, please visit the Matri Ad Rates page of the newspaper and view all your ad rates and discount packages for editions where the newspaper is circulated. The editions are displayed city-wise and not state wise. So you have to choose your preferred city of Uttar Pradesh and proceed to compose your ad further to complete the process of booking.  If you need any further assistance or guidance, you may take the help of Online Booking Tutorial to get all the details related to the ad booking process through our website.  
Related to: Amar Ujala, Matrimonial Post date: 09/08/2014 - 06:27PM
Please know that Matrimonial ads in any newspaper are published in the classified pages of the preferred newspaper. There are 2 types of classified ads, text ads and classified display ads, you can choose any of the two based on your budget. Text ads are priced based on the number of lines/character/words used in the ad while Classified Display ads are charged based on their size in per sq. cm which cannot occupy more space than 2 columns. If you intend to proceed with the booking of your matrimonial ad, then please visit the Matrimonial Ad Rates section in Amar Ujala. From this page you can choose the ad type, location or package and finally proceed to compose your ad. Following the composition of your ad, you need to confirm the release dates and while specifying the date, please keep in mind that Sunday is the focus day for all matrimonial ads in Amar Ujala. Please choose the dates accordingly. 
Related to: Amar Ujala, Matrimonial Post date: 07/08/2014 - 06:49PM
Dear Customer! Thank you for choosing Please know that to get your ad released on Sunday; the latest deadline to book your ad would be Wednesday. You may start your booking through the Matri Ad Rates page of Amar Ujala. As per your query, there are no discounts for booking an ad for a single edition. To get your ad published in your chosen location, select the location as Aligarh and click on the Book Now option. For discounts, you can opt for the discount packages displayed below the ad rates for individual editions. In order to get the packages that is applicable or includes your chosen edition particularly, visit the Aligarh Ad Rates page of Amar Ujala and click on Matrimonial category to view the discount packages. For this matter we would recommend you to go for the Amar Ujala (All UP Editions). Once you’ve confirmed your package, proceed to complete your booking through the simple online steps of composing the ad, selecting the ad release dates and clearing your payment via the various offline and online payment options. You can take a look at the Sample ads page for Matri Ads to gain an idea about what the content of your ad should be and how it should be composed.  
Related to: Amar Ujala, Matrimonial Post date: 06/08/2014 - 03:36PM
As per your requirement it is unlikely to find any such packages for newspapers that do not belong to the same publication house. For matrimonial packages in northern parts of the country, Times of India has combined packages with its sister publication Nav Bharat Times (published in Hindi), Ei Somoy Newspaper and Sandhya Times. Amar Ujala is a popular Hindi newspaper circulated mostly in Northern Indian states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. As an alternative for this newspaper, you can opt for similarly other popular newspapers with an impressive circulation in the Northern India. You can opt for the Super Selection-North TOI [Del + Del Up-country+ NCR+ Jaipur + Luckn+ MP + Chand+ Raipur] Navbharat Times [Del+NCR+Luck] + Sandhya Times [Del]. This package has been customized exclusively for North India. You can also book your ad separately for both the newspapers, for which you have to firstly visit the TOI Matri Ad Rates for the Times of India. For Amar Ujala, visit Amar Ujala Matri Ad Rates page. For any further help, you can contact us at our telephonic number 0980629298 or you can e-mail us 
Related to: Amar Ujala, Matrimonial Post date: 02/08/2014 - 01:32PM
Dear Customer! Thank you for choosing If you require any help or guidance with the in-detail process of booking an ad through us, you can take the help of the Online Tutorial on How to Book. As per your requirement, please know that for all editions of Uttar Pradesh you need to book your ad under the current discount packages available from the publication house. To view the same, please visit the Amar Ujala Matri Ad Rates and from here you can select the edition(s) and ad rates of your choice. You can opt for the Amar Ujala (All UP Editions) and click on the Book Now option to continue and complete your ad booking. All that you need to do in the next steps are to compose your own ad, select the date(s) for your ad to release and make your payment through the different online and offline options. You can make your payment online through the Debit/Credit cards, Net Banking and Wire Transfer. For offline options, the payment can be made by depositing a Cheque/ Demand Draft or Cash in any nearest branch of the ICICI Bank. Please note that for confirmed release of your ad in the newspaper, you have to ensure that your ad is booked and payments are cleared at least 2-3 days prior to the day of release. 
Related to: Amar Ujala, Matrimonial Post date: 28/07/2014 - 04:33PM
We acknowledge your concern. To proceed with the booking, please visit the Amar Ujala Matri Ad Rates through which you will be able to find the rates for individual editions and the discount packages. Once you’re done selecting the ad rate and edition of your choice, click on the Book Now option to continue and confirm the process of booking. The next step from here is the Compose ad step. Specify your sub-category as Wanted Brides/ Wanted Grooms here and then select your preferred classification as ‘Other Caste’. You can refer to our Online Booking Tutorial for assistance on how to book an ad through our website. For more queries, call us on 09830629298 or e-mail us at or
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Additional Benefits of Booking Amar Ujala Matrimonial classifieds instantly through releaseMyAd :


1) Instant booking of Amar Ujala Matrimonial classified ad at lowest rates. Find out more about the rates of booking Matrimonial ads from our Amar Ujala Classifieds Rate Card.  

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Before booking the Amar Ujala Matrimonial Classified ad make sure you go through the special offers and packages table below:-


Amar Ujala Matrimonial Ad Booking Process

To view the Matrimonial Classified Ad Rates for Amar Ujala follow the steps below:


1) Choose your ad type (either Classified display ad or classified text ad)

2) Then select Amar Ujala as your newspaper & specify your location to release your Advertisement in. 

3) Select Matrimonial as your Ad Category for Amar Ujala.

Once this is done, the ad rates for Amar Ujala Matrimonial Advertisements will be displayed instantly!


Once you have decided the package/edition from the Amar Ujala Ad rates estimator provided below,  you can proceed by clicking on the start booking button.